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The Calgary Sulphur Forum
Oil Sands Sulphur: The Next 50 Years
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
Fee: US$375

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The Calgary Sulphur Forum is supported by the Oil and Gas Journal, assisted by Chairs Mr. Paul Davis, General Manager of Alberta Sulphur Research, Ltd. and Jerry d’Aquin of Con-Sul, Inc. The Forum provides a venue at which to discuss issues which affect or may affect Alberta’s sulphur industry, centering on:

• Changes in use, production, market and logistics;
• Regulatory views, needs, intentions, publications and associated discussion;
• Technical developments, insights and experiences;
• and, a two hour roundtable to discuss the day’s information and other pertinent issues.

PennWell and the Oil and Gas Journal promotes the Calgary Sulphur Forum to focus on an important hydrocarbon byproduct in “The City where it all began.”  Calgary played an essential role in developing sour hydrocarbon processing, safety and handling technologies, storage and logistics during the early days of Alberta’s sour gas development. The Sulphur Development Institute of Canada (SUDIC) was founded in Calgary nearly fifty years ago and Alberta Sulphur Research, Ltd. (ASRL) continues that legacy. It is the world’s foremost sulphur research venue and the industry’s technical repository.  With sulphur production on the rise, this time under the impetus of bitumen processing, the Alberta Sulphur Forum – now in its fifth year.

A special one-day registration fee is available for the Calgary Sulphur Forum, and attendees receive a special discount for the full conference July 23-25. Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Technologies is a premier event covering technologies and issues vital to a globally important source of oil supply and technical development.

The program includes the following:

Continental Breakfast and Check-In (8:00-8:30 am)

EARLY MORNING SESSION (8:30 am – 10:30 am)

Introduction: Mr. Bob Tippee, Editor, Oil & Gas Journal

Welcome from the Chairs: Jerry d’Aquin and Paul Davis


1. Oil Sands Project Outlook and Impact on Sulphur Availability to 2020
Deborah Jaremko, Editor, Oilsands Review

2. Keyera's Sulphur Infrastructure Developments
Gable Gross, Manager Liquids and Sulfur, Keyera, Inc.

3. Oil Sands Sulphur - A View from the South
Gerard d’Aquin, President, Con-Sul Inc.

4. Sulphur Fertilizer Production and Marketing
William Boycott, CEO, Sulvaris Inc.

Coffee Break (10:30-10:45 am)


5. Alberta’s New Energy Regulator: Structure, Mandate and Impact for Managing Sulphur Assets
Todd Letwin, Senior Manager, Policy & Integration Development, Policy Management Office, AB Departments of Energy and Environment & Sustainable Resource Development

6. Alberta’s New Environmental Monitoring Agency: Structure, Mandate and Framework
Prasad Valupadas, Project Director, Joint Oil Sands Monitoring (JOSM), Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development

Lunch (11:45 am -1:00 pm)


7. Sulphur Storage Update
Paul Davis, General Manager, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.

8. Sulphur Solidification for a Full Range of Capacities
Tom Smith, North American Marketing Manager, Sandvik North America

9. Firebag – World’s First SAGD Sulphur Plant
Gavin Proudfoot, Mike Bieronski, Matt Walker, Suncor Energy

Coffee Break (2:30-3:00 pm)

ROUND TABLE (3:00-4:30 + pm)

10. Open Mike -- Participants’ Perspectives on Sulphur Related Issues
The next 50 -- Value Preservation: More than 50 years after first sulphur from sour gas in Alberta and almost 50 years since ASRL’s founding, development might address preservation of sulphur’s myriad values for society.

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